Ignited by silly mistakes, or amplifying reckless behaviour, the internet and social media have led to a tsunami of sudden, high-profile reputational incidents. Handled well, these tend to die quickly.

However, the inherently volatile and unpredictable nature of social media, and the speed with which news and commentary move online, mean online incidents are also difficult to manage and, handled poorly, can quickly spiral into a bonafide crisis.

This practical, highly interactive workshop explores a range of external and internally online incidents – activist customers, campaign groups, aggrieved employees and backfiring marketing campaigns – to establish best practice response principles and techniques.

Learning objectives

  • To improve your organisation’s ability to manage incidents online effectively
  • To develop and/or test existing incident response plans and processes
  • To improve teamwork, leadership skills, and inter-departmental collaboration.

What you’ll learn

  • When and how to respond to challenging incidents on the internet and social media
  • Best practices for escalating and assessing web-based incidents internally
  • The appropriate mix of business, communications, technological and legal tools to manage specific online scenarios
  • Must-have tools, resources and skills to protect your reputation online
  • How to handle online journalists, bloggers and other important opinion-formers in hostile situations
  • The role of search engines when managing high profile online incidents


Each incident is run as a table-top simulation. As an optional extra, it can take the form of a real-time digital simulation.


Half, one or two days


Beginner, Intermediate

Who should attend

Leaders and executives in Corporate Communications, Marketing, Digital/Social Media, Corporate/Public Affairs, Legal, HR.