Cybersecurity is a top-ranked business risk, yet organisations continue to struggle to handle the reputational dimension of data privacy incidents.

In some ways, this is unsurprising. Data privacy incidents are unusually challenging from a reputational and communications perspective.

The nature of cyber attacks is constantly evolving, disclosure laws such as GDPR are more onerous, and hackers are increasingly adept at piquing and sustaining media interest. Complicating matters, customer and stakeholder privacy expectations vary widely.

Accordingly, careful planning for different kinds of cyber threats is critical, and public statements must be timely and appropriate.

This practical, interactive workshop equips organisations to manage cyber and data privacy incidents and crises effectively by examining best practice approaches to communications planning, response and recovery.

Learning objectives

  • To strengthen your organisation’s ability to prepare for, respond to and recover from cyber/data breach incidents and crises
  • To develop or test cyber/data breach communications plans and protocols
  • To improve teamwork, leadership skills, and inter-departmental collaboration.

What you’ll learn

  • Cyber/data breach reputation landscape and trends
  • The role of leadership in cyber/data breach incident and crisis management
  • How to develop a cyber/data breach team, and the role of communications therein
  • How to develop effective cyber/data breach incident communications plans, playbooks and escalation protocols
  • Cyber/data breach incident response communications goals, strategies and techniques
  • Common cyber/data breach incident communications pitfalls
  • What the GDPR means for data breach reporting and communications
  • Data breach remediation options, communications, and customer and employee education programmes.


A mixture of presentation, discussion and table-top or digital/social media simulations.


One, two or three days.


Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Who should attend

This workshop is of primary interest to Corporate communications, Crisis communications, IT, Security, Legal and Risk/Compliance teams and professionals. It is also relevant to Marketing, Customer service and HR leaders and executives.