I read voraciously about business, technology, reputation, communications, and all manner of other topics. Here are some books that I have found particularly interesting, useful or in some other way deserving of comment.

Rethinking Reputational Risk, by Anthony Fitzsimmons and Derek Atkins
A lawyer and an accountant’s assessment of reputation risk management as practised today, and how it should be done

Crisis Proofing, by Tony Jaques
A detailed and readable collection of insights, frameworks and tips on crisis preparedness and response by an issues and crisis management expert

The PR Masterclass, by Alex Singleton
A useful and practical primer from a former journalist on how to develop story ideas that truly grab a journalist’s attention

Trust Me, I’m Lying, by Ryan Holiday
A withering polemic on the state of the media in the US and no-holds-barred expose on the inner workings of Buzzfeed, Business Insider, Gawker and other blogs, and their influence on the mainstream media

Exposure, by Michael Woodford
A fascinating, no holds barred view of Japan’s business culture from the gaijin CEO and whistle-blower who infamously blew the lid on a USD 1.7 billion corporate cover-up