I firmly believe transparency is critical in today’s highly connected world. The statement below covers my conduct on this website, on my blog and on the broader internet:


This blog is written by Charlie Pownall. I do not accept any form of third-party advertising, sponsorship, or paid insertions on this blog and my other online and social media profiles.

Client work

Unless otherwise instructed, I fully respect the confidentiality of my clients and do not talk online about the work I do for them.

Financial disclosure

In the event that I do mention my clients, I will disclose the nature of the relationship publicly in an appropriate manner. I will also disclose if I mention an organisation that is a former client or a project that I have in some way been involved with in the past.

I am asked to speak at conferences and events, and often have my travel expenses and accommodation paid by the conference organiser. If I mention events that I am paid to attend, the nature of my relationship with the event organiser will be disclosed in an appropriate manner.

Information sources

The great majority of content on this blog is my own. Where content is quoted in full or in part from a third-party, it will be clearly marked as such and a link provided to the original source of information.

Any questions? Please contact me.

Updated: November 2017