Reputation may be more important and more valuable than money, yet it is difficult to understand, challenging to manage, and awkward to quantify.

Here are some research studies on corporate reputation, online reputation, corporate reporting and related topics conceived and written by Charlie Pownall. 

Asia-Pacific Corporate Social Media Study (2010, 2011)

Asian companies were relatively slow to take to social media, and when they did, they focused largely on marketing and sales than brand building and reputation management.

This study was published in 2010 and 2011 during Charlie Pownall’s time at Burson-Marsteller and established several benchmarks by which companies’ activities on the social web are measured today.

Charlie Pownall led the research, editorial and promotion of these studies.

Death or Glory? (2002)

It is said that ‘the business of business is business’. Paradoxically, this has never been truer, but for those organisations missing the advance of the corporate social responsibility agenda the future has never been more uncertain.

Researched and written for Addison Group (now Superunion), this report summarises the forces driving social change and analyses how organisations are responding in terms of actions, rhetoric and reporting.