The internet and social media make crises harder to predict and to manage. At the same time, social technologies provide an opportunity for organisations to connect with audiences, deepen relationships and re-build trust.

Examining companies that have used digital and social technologies effectively and ineffectively during a crisis, this interactive workshop focuses on improving you prepare for, respond to and recover from a crisis using digital and social tools and techniques.

Learning objectives

  • To deepen understanding of how digital and social media augment ‘traditional’ crisis response and recovery activities
  • To ensure a more effective response to and recovery from crises using digital and social technologies.

What you’ll learn

  • First response
  • Messaging and tone: how messaging in social media differs from traditional media
  • When and how to rebut online rumours, inaccuracies and misconceptions during a crisis
  • When and how to work with online stakeholders and opinion-formers during a crisis
  • Leadership communications during a crisis
  • Community management during a crisis
  • How to recover from a crisis using digital and social media
  • Digital/social media listening and analytics
  • Optional: real-time online simulation


Half, one or two days


Beginner, Intermediate

Who should attend

Leaders and practitioners in Corporate Communications, Corporate/Public Affairs, Digital/Social Media, Marketing, Legal.