Whether you are a government, multinational company, start-up or individual, your reputation is your number one asset. Protecting your reputation properly before, during and after incidents and crises is crucial.

Charlie Pownall can help you prepare for, respond to and recover from reputational threats, incidents and crises, including:

  • Damaging media coverage
  • False rumours and ‘fake news’
  • Competitor smears, allegations and accusations
  • Political attacks
  • Strategic and governance failures
  • Discrimination and harassment allegations
  • Aggrieved employees
  • Vengeful former employees
  • IT system failures
  • Cyberattacks
  • Data privacy breaches
  • Product quality issues and recalls
  • Backfiring marketing and crowdfunding campaigns
  • NGO and grassroots activist campaigns
  • Litigation.

Consulting and advisory services

Charlie Pownall offers leaders, executives, groups and teams a blend of reputation management and communications consultancy and advisory services:

CEO, leadership and executive communications

Research. Profile-building. Thought leadership. Speechwriting. Presentations.

Reputation risk management

Reputation governance and reporting. Risk assessment. Reputation management. Reputation re-building.

Corporate communications

Communications strategy and planning. Social media communications. Messaging. Materials development.

Incident and crisis communications

Communications strategies, planning and support for incident and crisis preparedness, response and recovery.

Writing and editorial

Copywriting and editing of reports, white papers, presentations, opinion articles and online content.

Cyber and data privacy communications

Cyber and data privacy communications strategy and planning. Incident response. Education programmes.

Training and development

Charlie Pownall’s reputation management, communications and social media training programmes and workshops support and bring to life his consultancy and advisory services. More…

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