Whether you are an international body, government, large or small company, start-up or individual, your reputation is your number one asset.

An experienced advisor, Charlie Pownall can help you build your profile, communicate more effectively, and manage your reputation.

Typically, his clients are looking to:

  • Improve their company’s communications
  • Build their professional profile and reputation
  • Prepare for an important speech or presentation
  • Understand their company’s reputation and the risks it may be facing
  • Minimise actual and potential reputational threats
  • Handle negative media coverage or online rumours or allegations
  • Respond to and recover from a breaking incident or crisis.

Consulting and advisory services

Charlie Pownall offers leaders, executives and teams a blend of communications and reputation management consulting and advisory services.

CEO, leadership and executive communications

Research. Positioning. Profile-building. Thought leadership. Speechwriting. Presentations.

Reputation risk management

Reputation governance and reporting. Risk assessment. Reputation management. Reputation re-building.

Corporate communications

Communications strategy and planning. Social media communications. Messaging. Materials development.

Incident and crisis communications

Communications strategies, planning and support for incident and crisis preparedness, response and recovery.

Writing and editorial

Copywriting, editing and proofreading of reports, white papers, presentations, opinion articles and online content.

Cyber and data privacy communications

Cyber/data privacy communications strategy and planning. Incident response and recovery. Communications and education programmes.

Consulting approach

Charlie Pownall is accustomed to working flexibly in line with his clients’ requirements: as a retained trusted advisor, on short-term engagements, or as someone to bounce ideas off or get a second opinion from.

Charlie often works alongside legal, technology, cybersecurity, insurance, market research, digital marketing, online/social media monitoring and online reputation management companies.