A serious crisis can put a company out of business. Yet many organisations continue to treat crisis management as a tactical tool to be used only when things get truly rough.

As expectations about good corporate behaviour increase, bad actors looking to break into your IT system abound, and as the internet and social media enable detractors to share their views and experiences far and wide, crisis management must be a strategic imperative for every organisation.

This practical, interactive workshop shows you how to reduce the likelihood of a crisis happening, and how to be properly prepared should a crisis occur.

Learning objectives

  • To reduce the likelihood of a crisis happening to your organisation
  • To improve your ability to handle a crisis should one happen.

What you’ll learn

  • How crises are changing, and the implications for organisations
  • How to identify, assess and prioritise potential crises
  • How to distinguish between problems, issues, incidents and crises
  • How to develop an effective, multi-channel crisis management system
  • How to develop a Crisis Plan fit for the digital age
  • Common Crisis Plan vulnerabilities, and how they can be avoided
  • The role of leadership in effective crisis management.


One day


Beginner, Intermediate

Who should attend

Crisis Team, and/or leaders and executives in Corporate Communications,
Corporate/Public Affairs, Risk Management, Legal, IT, HR.