Wikipedia for Issues and Crisis Management

The web and social media have borne many wonders, yet Wikipedia, with – or perhaps despite of – its basic interface, remains something of a standout, not least because of its truly collaborative nature. Not only is it one of the most highly trafficked sites in the world, but is also surely one of the most influential, and not just among students: I have seen it quoted verbatim by journalists and bloggers.

All of which means it is particularly important that information about your company is accurate, fair and timely – something that can be challenging to ensure at the best of times and even more tricky in the context of a long-term, simmering issue, or during a high profile incident or crisis. Wikipedia expert Bill Beutler kindly shared with me his tips on how to handle Jimmy Wales’ beast in times of trouble. (He also contributed to my book Managing Online Reputation.)



Here’s the first part of the interview, which was first published by Social Media Today.

UPDATE: and here’s the second.


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