Charlie Pownall leading an Online Reputation Risk workshop - Singapore, 2014

   Leading a Social Media Risk & Reputation Management workshop – Singapore, 2014

Feedback from recent workshops led by Charlie Pownall:

‘A very well prepared programme, with up-to-date materials and excellently presented’
CEO, Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank – Dubai, May 2017

‘A must-do course for all communications professionals’
Head of Corporate Affairs, Beah – Dubai, May 2017

‘The training was very helpful, well arranged and well delivered’
PR & Social Media Specialist – Dubai, December 2016

‘Very useful for me and my team’
Communications Director – Hanoi, July 2016

‘Charlie Pownall is a very knowledgeable trainer with deep experience’
Vice-President, Marketing & Sales – Manila, June 2016

‘A real eye-opener for our [crisis] team’
Head of Communications – Hong Kong, December 2015

‘Charlie is an experienced and knowledgeable trainer, providing great content with relevant and useful real-life examples’
Senior Manager, Corporate Communications – Singapore, December 2015

‘A great training session’
Head of Public Affairs – Singapore, July 2015

‘Charlie is an excellent trainer, with lots of examples and case studies to share
and a good balance of group discussions. I will recommend the course to my colleagues.’
Senior Officer, Communications – Singapore, July 2015

‘A very practical and useful workshop, with lots of great cases’
Managing Director – Hong Kong, June 2015

‘A truly enlightening workshop. Time very well spent’
Executive Director, Group Communications – Hong Kong, October 2014

‘One of the most useful and interesting workshops I have been to’
Communications and Investor Relations Manager – Hong Kong, October 2014

‘Charlie is a well organised, helpful and very professional trainer’
Senior Officer, Public Relations & Communications, regional waste management company – Dubai, January 2014

‘Charlie Pownall is a very well-organised and experienced and communicated the content effectively’
Head of Regulatory Affairs, regional telecoms company – Dubai, January 2014

‘Very useful and full of enlightening cases, discussions and exercises. I see it as one of the best’
Head of Social Media, global telecoms company – Dubai, January 2014

‘A truly useful course, and very fruitful for my work’
Head of Public Relations, food company – Dubai, January 2014

‘Charlie is a great trainer and facilitator’
Regional Adviser, Government Relations, Shell Dutch Shell – April 2012

Additional testimonials and feedback are available upon request.


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