Designed for leaders and practitioners, Charlie Pownall’s training programmes and workshops are customised to your learning objectives and requirements.

Charlie Pownall - Social Media Training, Beijing - 2008

Each workshop is designed to be informative, practical, involving and memorable, and is built on the following principles:

Customised. Each workshop is developed in line with agreed learning goals, with content, case studies and examples drawn from your industry/category and region/country.

Personalised. All participants are given direct feedback as individuals and/or groups based on their own requirements and performance.

Objective. While participants are provided with structured frameworks and methodologies, an open exchange of ideas is strongly encouraged.

Participatory. Anecdotes, discussions, and individual and team-based exercises make each course practical, involving and memorable.

Flexible. A modular and extensible training curriculum, in a format (public, custom, e-learning) that suits your requirements and budget.

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