Charlie Pownall leading PR agency regional digital training - Beijing, 2008

    Leading Burson-Marsteller regional digital training – Beijing, 2008

Charlie Pownall’s workshops focus on helping you protect and defend your organisation’s reputation.

Designed for leaders and practitioners, Charlie Pownall’s workshops are built on the following principles:

  • Customised. Each workshop is developed in line with  agreed learning goals, with content, case studies and examples drawn from your industry/category and region/country.
  • Personalised. All participants are given direct feedback as
    individuals and/or groups based on their own requirements and performance.
  • Objective. While participants are provided with structured
    frameworks and methodologies, an open exchange of
    ideas is strongly encouraged.
  • Participatory. Anecdotes, discussions, and individual and
    team-based exercises make each course practical, involving
    and memorable.
  • Flexible. A modular and extensible training curriculum, in a
    format (public, custom, e-learning) that suits your requirements
    and budget.


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