The volume and scale of cyber attacks and data breaches means IT security should be a
priority for every organisation – large or small, commercial, governmental or charitable.
But it is not just about security: customers, employees and regulators expect companies
to protect their data, and the onus on prompt and honest communication is fast
becoming a prerogative from both a regulatory and ethical perspective.

It is reasonable to expect a cyber attack/data breach communications response playbook
to be firmly established by now. Yet the evolving and sometimes conflicting expectations
of different stakeholders towards data security, privacy and confidentiality, the vague
and uneven legal and regulatory landscape, and the fact that you often have little idea
who’s attacking you, what their motivations are, what they have taken or what they’re
going to do with it, means data breaches can be unusually challenging to handle from a
communications and reputational perspective.

This highly practical workshop draws on recent examples and best practices to equip
organisations to respond effectively to and recover from data breaches. Participants will
develop plans for their own organisation and be supplied with checklists and templates
that can be used in their work.

Learning objectives

  • To improve your organisation’s ability to respond to and restore trust after a cyber attack/data breach
  • To develop and/or test existing incident response plans and processes
  • To improve teamwork, leadership skills, and inter-departmental collaboration.

What you’ll learn

  • Cyber attack techniques, trends and impacts
  • Data breach response communications strategies
  • Data breach response messaging and tone
  • Legal notification requirements
  • Internal communications best practices
  • Data breach recovery strategies and communications
  • Customer and employee education programmes


Each incident is run as a table-top simulation. As an optional extra, it can take the form of a real-time online simulation.


Half, one or two days


Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

Who should attend

Cyber Incident Response and/or Crisis Team,  and/or leaders and executives in
Corporate Communications, Corporate/Public Affairs, IT, Security, Legal.


Contact Charlie Pownall for further information about this workshop.


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