More demanding customers and stakeholders make it more challenging to manage reputation in today’s volatile political, social and business landscape.

Charlie Pownall’s training programmes and workshops ensure leaders, executives and teams communicate effectively, and are able to prepare for, respond to and recover from crises, data breaches, and other reputational threats.

Training services

Charlie Pownall offers in-house and public training courses. His public workshops are conducted through the following specialist training and development companies:

Charlie also provides in-house communications skills training on behalf of:

Training workshops

Charlie Pownall’s workshops draw on his experience advising and training organisations across the world, a wealth of sector and country-specific experience and knowledge, and a well-honed toolbox.

He offers the following courses:

Crisis preparedness

Communications strategies, plans and policies to help reduce the likelihood of a crisis happening, and be properly prepared should a crisis occur. More…

Crisis response

Communications strategies, plans, policies, procedures, tools and techniques for responding to and recovering from a crisis or serious incident. More…

Data breach response

Examines best and worst examples to set out how to respond to and recover from data privacy incidents and crises. More…

Online incident response

Strategies, plans, policies, tools and techniques for responding to and recovering from a range of internet and social media-based incidents. More…

Social media risk management

Strategies, plans, policies, procedures, tools and techniques to understand, mitigate and manage social media-based reputation risks. More…

Social media crisis response

Strategies and techniques for responding to and recovering from crises using social media and other digital media. More…

Training approach

Designed for leaders and practitioners, Charlie Pownall’s in-house training programmes and workshops are customised to each client’s specific learning objectives and requirements, and are designed to be informative, practical, involving and memorable.

Charlie’s workshops are built on the following principles:

  • Customised. Each workshop is developed in line with agreed learning goals, with content, case studies and examples drawn from your industry/category and region/country.
  • Personalised. All participants are given direct feedback as individuals and/or groups based on their own requirements and performance.
  • Objective. While participants are provided with structured frameworks and methodologies, an open exchange of ideas is strongly encouraged.
  • Participatory. Anecdotes, discussions and exercises make each course practical, involving and memorable.
  • Flexible. A modular and extensible training curriculum, in a format (public, custom, e-learning) that suits your requirements and budget.

During the workshop participants are provided with a workbook and toolkit, the latter which typically contains a selection of relevant frameworks, checklists and forms.

The presentation deck is shared with participants as a pdf file after the workshop concludes.