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Today I was pleased to receive two copies of WPP’s Atticus Journal, the marketing behemoth’s annual journal of ‘original thinking in communications services’.

Pleased as I was selected as an Atticus winner earlier this year for a polemic on the changing nature of corporate reputation management in today’s digital and networked world.

Despite the onward march of e-books, it is also flattering to see one’s name in embossed in print rather than simply listed on a website or online store.

A big thank you to three former colleagues at Burson-Marsteller who helped pull together my modest contribution: Sahala Sianipar, Craig Adams and Maggie Hicks.

Sahala, in particular, was instrumental in helping me refine my thinking, Craig was a merciless editor and Maggie transformed a stodgy word file into a friendly and engaging document.

The Journal features an extract of my submission; the full version is here.

PS. I’d highly recommend begging, borrowing or stealing (to coin a phrase) a copy of this year’s Journal to read Chris Graves‘ piece on Japan’s ‘Cool Japan’ initiative and ‘Made in China’ by JWT’s Pete Heskett, both fascinating takes on a key challenge facing Asian companies and governments: how to market themselves effectively to western consumers.