Just about everyone agrees that the most important risk of social media is reputational. These risks consist of many small-scale, day-to-day problems, a range of longer-term, smouldering issues, and the occasional organisational meltdown. There has also been a significant rise in sudden, short-term, high visibility negative incidents playing out on the internet and social media that, unless handled quickly and appropriately, can quickly escalate into full-blown crises.

In this interesting, thought-provoking and highly interactive presentation, Charlie Pownall dissects recent examples of organisations responding to common, high visibility scenarios such as irate customers, rogue employees, malicious competitors and activist group attacks, to establish how you can respond immediately and appropriately to different scenarios, in different landscapes and cultures.

During the talk, he will also walk through his proprietary Incident Response Framework, a multi-disciplinary tool that enables organisations to plot effective, integrated business, communications, legal and technological solutions to different reputational problems and risks.


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