As PT Barnum and plenty of others would attest, misinformation, disinformation, false stories, yellow journalism, call it what you will, is anything but new.

But the internet, social media and mobile technologies have made the many different shades of ‘fake news’ much easier to develop and distribute. And with the world flat, the public weary and opinion polarised, it is proving far harder to stop.  

In this presentation Charlie Pownall looks at examples of fake news he has handled, from his first job at the European Commission where he was tasked with taking on the many ‘euromyths‘ then circulating, to recent work defending Huawei and other organisations. 

In doing so, he will set out the principles for tackling false and misleading accusations and allegations in the news, introduce his proprietary multi-disciplinary news management framework, and talk through some important rebuttal techniques.

He will also explore the differences in handling fake news in the west and in Asia-Pacific – where much of his work has and continues to be focused.

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