Data breaches are a fact of life for all organisations. And while it is tempting to believe that your IT security is watertight, in reality, nothing and nobody is immune to hackers, criminals, state proxies and other bad actors deploying DDOS attacks, ransomware and other techniques to extract confidential company information, customer or employee information, or to extort money.

Not all breaches are equal in terms of how they impact your business and reputation, and with regulator, customer, investor and other stakeholder expectations varying significantly, resulting in unclear, inaccurate, untimely and mixed messages and potentially leading to frayed trust in your brand and a hit to your share price and sales, it is difficult to get your response right when you have little idea who’s attacking you, what they have taken, what their motivations are, and what they’re going to do with it.

In this insightful and useful presentation, Charlie Pownall explores the nooks and crannies of famous, infamous, and unreported data breaches to identify the who’s, what’s, where’s and how’s of data breach communications.


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