Social media for thought leadership

I am not superstitious. Even when the Chinese Zodiac in today’s Social China Morning Post tells us Monkeys that ‘communications skills are going to be your greatest asset today. If you’re making a presentation you will have no problem getting your message across’.

Having given a bunch of workshops over the past couple of weeks, I have given no presentations today and have none to give. So much for the baloney that passes for newspaper astrology.

Not that it is actually that far off the mark. As I must confess to have been building a presentation on social media for thought leadership this afternoon that I will use shortly at a PR conference.

In the interests of ensuring my ‘greatest asset’ (their words, not mine) is indeed employed, here’s the outline of the presentation, the basic point being that social media provides organisations with opportunity to make thought leadership more compelling, more useful and hence more effective, not least through crowdsourcing.


If you know of examples or cases to illustrate the points I’m making, I’d love to hear from you.

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