The top social media fails in Asia in 2013

For a glimpse of what’s driving social media meltdowns in Asia, take a look at Bitches, Bones & Botulism, an article I prepared for ClickZ and published today. 

Whats driving these meltdowns?

  1. Poor quality product and/or customer service
  2. Misconceived or badly implemented product launches and promotions
  3. Lack of online disclosure
  4. Failure to handle fast escalating negative situations and crises in social media.

The accompanying deck highlights the top 10 incidents, selected principally on account of their impact:


Many organisations I talk to remain fearful of the potential for reputational fall-outs online.

As spelt out in the article, a good dollop of common sense usually helps miminise these risks.

More concretely, companies of all sizes are advised to undergo a comprehensive Social Media Risk Assessment to identify, assess, prioritise and mitigate the risks connected with social media specific to their business.

This can be done as a module of social media strategic planning, or before or during formal social media crisis communications planning.

Contact me for details of what such an assessment involves.



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