Managing Online Reputation
Charlie Pownall - Managing Online Reputation (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015)

Organisations continue to tiptoe nervously before peeved customers, aggrieved employees, eagle-eyed activists, opportunistic trolls and backfiring marketing campaigns on the internet and social media. Big names are easily sullied and hard-won reputations quickly dismantled in today’s volatile, judgmental, and unforgiving court of public opinion.

A practical, common sense guide to protecting and defending your organisation’s name and image, Managing Online Reputation explores the threats posed by the internet and social media and sets out how you should respond to hostile online attacks and breaches.

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“Having been at the centre of a major corporation’s reputational
meltdown, I find Charlie Pownall’s insightful and practical
understanding into the role of the web and social media, in portraying
how a company is perceived by the outside world, a must-read not
only for those involved in corporate PR, but for any manager or
director who cares about their organisation.”
Michael Woodford MBE Former CEO, Olympus Corporation, and

“Charlie Pownall’s take on how to counter reputational threats is
readable and wise. Managing Online Reputation is the Art of Reputation
for the digital age.”
Keith Schilling Chairman, Schillings

“A ‘must-read’ for any business leader concerned with the critical
issue of corporate reputation. With impeccable credentials, Charlie
Pownall provides valuable insights and practical guidance on how
organizations can protect and defend their reputations in the social
Stephen Thomas Group Head of Corporate Communications,
AIA Group

“Managing Online Reputation cuts through the digital and social hype
to provide compelling and incisive insights into the risks of the social
web, and sets out a no-nonsense, jargon free, practical playbook for
dealing with online attacks by irate customers, activists and others.”
Matthew Stafford President, Cohn & Wolfe (Asia), and formerly
Cabinet Secretary, Government of Australia

“A survival guide for PR and communications practitioners navigating
their way through today’s tumultuous landscape.”
May Wong General Manager, Corporate Relations, MTR Corporation

“Guaranteed to generate a lively debate, Charlie Pownall’s book
provides both provocative and practical strategies to mitigate online
reputational risks. At present, this topic is widely misunderstood.
This book does more than any other on the market today to clarify the
issues and shine a light on the ways forward.”
Leesa Soloudre – Managing Partner, RL Expert Group, and Research
Fellow, TIAS School for Business and Society

“Pownall peppers readers with tales of trench warfare and war-stories
from the bloodied fields of electronic espionage. His often-savvy insights
suggest he’s encountered hand-to-hand combat on his various missions,
and the author is always reliably ‘prepped’ with a suite of sensible solutions.”
Gerry McCusker Founder & Principal Advisor, Engage ORM, and
author of ‘Public Relations Disasters’

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