Reputocity (reputation + reciprocity) is a blog about reputation and communications. A mix of observation and commentary, it is written from the perspective of someone who has operated on many sides of the fence, and spent almost a decade working in Asia.

You can expect me only to cover topics about which I know something and have direct experience of, including:

  • Risk and reputation management
  • Public relations
  • Crisis and issues communications
  • Incident response
  • Political and government communications
  • Digital and social media trends, tools and techniques
  • Marketing and communications in Asia.

My blog posts are written for and/or syndicated by a number of publications, including:

I hope you find this blog interesting and useful.

Please contact me if you are interested in me contributing to your publication, or want to syndicate my blog posts on an ongoing basis. You are otherwise welcome to copy, use, share and remix content from this blog, in line with this blog’s Terms and Conditions.

Last updated: January 2017


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