What’s the right social media strategy?

Social media is now regarded as a strategic imperative, and is a key ingredient in the marketing and communications mix. But while a consensus is emerging that social media is best employed for brand building and customer engagement/service as opposed to revenue generation, its most effective use remains elusive for many organisations.


In today’s saturated communications environment, audiences routinely ignore companies that fail to cut through the clutter – a challenge for many firms, not least those saddled with undifferentiated products and services that people are unlikely to talk about or those expected to deliver a good basic level of service and little more (eg. utilities).

And there remain many examples – many too many – of firms self-combusting on the social web, often as a result of approaching social in the wrong way.

What is the ‘right’ approach to social media?

Here are some slides (presented last week at conferences in Singapore and Hong Kong) that set out a simple five-step process for developing an effective social media strategy that puts reputation building and protection at its centre.


Are you looking to re-tune your existing social media efforts or kick-start your social adventures? If so, find out about my one-day Social Media Planning & Strategy workshop.

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